"Coach Adrian is an inspiration. He made a HUGE difference in our camp program this summer and we now consider him family. Children ages 6 - 18 were engaged, having fun and learning. Thank you so much for the support. You are incredible! Best of luck!!" 

Melissa Firmes-Ray - KiDS NEED MoRE


"Coach Adrian and Roz held a soccer clinic at Medals4Mettle's youth biathlon program at Great Bay YMCA last night. They are passionate about soccer and helping kids learn kicking skills while they are kicking cancer. We could not have asked for more - the program was informative, educational and a unique opportunity to learn soccer from a professional coach. It was nonstop fun start to finish. The kids left with smiles on their faces asking when we were going to have soccer again!"

Robin McMahon Blosser - Medals4Mettle


So compassionate! Coach Adrian and Roz were so kind to take a long ride out to Huntington on Long Island to meet Max and Alex on a rainy Sunday afternoon. They met at a nearby soccer field for a training session with many drills. Thereafter, followed a small-sided scrimmage with Max and Alex against Adrian. Well, Adrian taught the boys many skills all too well which ended him in defeat. Max and Alex are looking forward to the next match. They can kick it! Adrian said, “He will be BACK!”

Ingrid Von Holt - Parent