Adrian Conoboy kicks a soccer ball with the NYC skyline in background.
This year, Conoboy’s non-profit soccer program “We Can Kick It” was chosen by NYCFC (New York City Football Club) to represent New York as their MLS (Major League Soccer) Works Community MVP.  “We can Kick It” ended up winning the nationwide competition sponsored by MLS and Wells Fargo Bank. His program was the recipient of a $25,000 check after receiving thousands of online votes for his cause.
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Adrian Conoboy accepts 25,000 award check from the Wells Fargo MLS Community MVP representative.
Adrian was nominated by the NYCFC community for his work in using soccer as a tool to help make a positive impact with, We Can Kick It, a foundation that provides free soccer programs to children and young adults affected by cancer in New York. 
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