Hope. Heart.
And Football.

Cancer was just the beginning

Our Story

Adrian Conoboy is the Founder, and Director of We Can Kick It, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to serve families affected by cancer. Adrian understands the impact that cancer has on your life and the lives of those around you. In 2016, Adrian had a seizure while working as a full-time soccer coach. The otherwise healthy 35-year-old was rushed to the ER, where the doctors discovered a mass on his brain.

Adrian endured an 8-hour brain surgery that resulted in his devastating brain cancer diagnosis. The tumor was on the left frontal lobe of his brain near the area responsible for word formation and speech. As a result, Adrian couldn't talk or communicate after surgery. His treatment required sixty days of radiation, six months of chemotherapy, and 18 months of speech, cognitive and physical therapy. He still struggles with aphasia.

Throughout his recovery, Adrian found soccer to be a significant component of his mental and physical health. At first, it was as an Arsenal supporter watching matches from his hospital bed. As he got stronger, he grew determined to fight the disease and return to the field. It was this drive that eventually led to him coaching again.

Adrian wanted to use his experiences during this challenging time to support other families fighting cancer. Inspired by soccer's influential role in his diagnosis, Adrian formally established We Can Kick It in 2018.

Adrian aims to provide children and families battling cancer an outlet to feel empowered and uplifted through the joy of playing soccer. We wholeheartedly believe that by participating in the game that sparks passion in so many, togetherWe Can Kick It!