Adrian Conoboy is the Founder of We Can Kick It. Adrian knows more than others how much of an impact cancer can have on your life and those around you. In 2016, Adrian aged 35, a seemingly healthy, fit, full-time soccer coach, had a seizure. After being rushed to the ER, the doctors ran tests and found a mass on Adrian’s brain.

Adrian endured 8-hour brain surgery resulting in his diagnosis of brain cancer. His tumor was on the left side of his brain, dangerously close to the speech and word forming area. As a result, Adrian couldn’t talk or communicate after surgery. Following months of speech, cognitive and physical therapy, Adrian then embarked on the next stage of treatment, sixty days of radiation, followed by a further 6 months of chemotherapy.

It was during this time that Adrian was inspired to found We Can Kick It.

Throughout his treatment, Adrian has found soccer and keeping active a huge help to him mentally and physically; as a supporter, watching Arsenal from his hospital bed, then as a coach finding the drive and determination to fight this disease and get back on the field.

Adrian’s aim is to provide children affected by cancer an outlet to feel empowered and uplifted by the joys of playing soccer. By taking part in the game that sparks passion in so many others, together We Can Kick It.